Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 07

Christmas was a lot of fun. If anyone was around Lincoln in December he would tell you what he wanted. "Hot Wheels with a Dragon". Strangers in the store would just smile and say, "Oh that's nice." Santa himself even said, "Oh, well, we'll see" We made no promises. In fact we tried to convince him that Santa was not bringing the coveted toy.
Christmas morning Lincoln kept looking everywhere for it. But it still hadn't shown up after he'd opened all his gifts. He was trying to be brave, but atlas he was disappointed. Then daddy remembered that Santa had left a note. Check behind the couch. And lo and behold, behind the couch under a sheet was Lincolns' dream come true. Hot wheels with a dragon!!!! (Check pictures to see the crazy hot wheels toy) I know horrible parents. :)
Jared also got his dream to come true. He got soccer tickets to Real Salt Lake.
We had a wonderful Christmas, and it is very nice for it to be over. I love how my house looks with all the Christmas decorations down.
Happy New Year everyone.


Jared said...

Very cute and fun. I love the tickets! Anyone want to join me opening day? I think I can get Anna to come once, maybe, and I'll try Lincoln on July 4th. I'm sorry to admit I was excited to see the Hot Wheels dream come true...I think Anna would admit it too, after all I heard Mrs. Claus was running cars through the toy while Lincoln slept!

Cindy said...

What good is having money if we can't spoil our kids, right? I enjoy spoiling mine, but making them feel like they "earned it."

The pictures of Lincoln and Lexie together are cute.