Friday, December 28, 2007


For our Anniversary Jared and I went and saw an amazing movie. I love movies that make you want to get up and make a difference. It was the Great Debaters I really liked it. It just makes me think of all the sacrifices people make.
For instance I have a blue velvet couch that I dislike. It came from my Aunt Marilyn's house. It was very nice and stylish in its prime, not so much now. But if you stop to think that if my Uncle Carl had not been willing to sacrifice his time and energy to go to school and work his trash off I may not have a place to sit in my living room. Which makes me grateful for my couch. And one day (hopefully sooner than later) my furniture fund will have enough money in it to get me my red leather couch I've been dreaming of. But how do I help my son to see the sacrifices made by his father so I can have my dream couch. The hours and hours of homework, school, and overtime.
The movie made me think of all of our individual ladders we have to climb. Overcoming life's challenges either by our own choices or by the consequences of others. And working hard enough that our choices will not leave negative consequences on others.
I normally do not like new years resolutions, but this year I'm excited to work harder and be better.
Sorry such a serious post. I promise to post pictures of Lincoln's Christmas soon.

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