Sunday, December 16, 2007

Life as a 3 year old

Lincoln is currently going through a "Make mom crazy" stage. He wants to climb all over me, talk as loud as he can right in my ear and cry over the silliest things.
For example, I told him it was Aunt Shelly's birthday tomorrow. He wanted to go and get cake at her house right then. I told him we couldn't and he cried forever.
He doesn't want to brush his teeth, doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to do anything I want him to do, just because I asked him to. And telling him he has to be good for Santa, has absolutely no effect. :(
I know this video is long, but I think it shows exactly how wiggly and crazy he is.
So I know it's rough being a 3yr old and I'm trying to understand his point of view. I think this picture helped. I can't imagine going potty with my feet 12 inches off the ground.


Jules said...

Okay Anna, I laughed out loud watching this video. Adorable. Mostly I like when you can't handle it anymore and just start laughing. So cute. He's busy. If I remember right, you had your "busy" stages? No? :)

Anna said...

Jules, so happy to hear from you. Welcome. But, I don't understand why everyone is just so happy my child is crazy. I believe my parents are praying for him to make my life crazy. I'm a good kid now, doesn't that count. :)
Jared calls that my old man laugh.