Monday, December 10, 2007

Meeshia (Yes that's how I spell her name)

Many of you might not know my dog very well because when people come over I put her away. But I thought I'd tell you why she's a great dog. (besides the fact that I have nothing nice to say about my son today) She is a 75lb 7 year old (49 in dog years) American bulldog. She's not the brightest nor the sweetest. She is currently getting her winter coat, which makes no sense to me because she is an inside dog and does not have to deal with the cold for more than ten minutes a day. If you don't let her in on her first bark by the door she starts going crazy like the cold is going to kill her or something. I try to point out to her all the neighbor dogs that stay outside all day, but she doesn't listen. Anyway because she is getting her winter coat I have dog hair everywhere, and it's making me crazy. I sweep twice a day and still get a ton of dog hair, we're lint rolling everything, so embarrassing.
But she is a good dog. She allows Lincoln to milk her like a cow(she has a slight hormone problem and has really big um... utters) , ride her like a horse, and pretend her tail is a snake. She's never been fixed so when she goes into heat she becomes crabby and won't listen to any commands we giver her, but other than every 7 or 8 months she listens pretty good (I'm sympathetic though because when my cycle comes I'm really crabby too). She's great to go rollerblading with, she'll pull you the whole way, so you can feel like your exercising, but in actuality you are just going for a ride. She barks really loud at sales people and I just open the door and let her out, so they don't stay and chat, they are happy to leave.
She is currently laying on Lincoln's bed protecting him from all the monsters, but she has a gas problem today. So Lincoln just called me in and said, "Mom Meeshia smells like she needs to go outside before she helps me with the monsters."
I just need Shelly to come give her a bath a little more often, twice a month isn't cutting it. :) Because her fur is so soft after her bath.
Oh and one last thing, this month in Lincoln's preschool (the zoology section) they are learning about dogs. When I asked what he learned he said "Just stuff mom, but I told them we have a dog, and that she bugs my mom."


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I knew you loved her!!! If I had a home instead of an apartment on the third floor I would take her in a heart beat.!!! She really is such a great dog. My favorite is when I come over and you tell her to go to her room and she gives you the look... you know the "But chelly is here and she loves me soooo much, and you are really asking me to go downstairs?" Who can dissagree with that face?

Anna said...

Michelle has a slight obsession with Meeshia, and I really do believe when she gets a home with a yard (if Meeshia is still alive) she can move in with the shaws. Then they can deal with the winter coat. :)