Monday, January 7, 2008

Not white trash, just a little redneck

On Saturday Lincoln and Jared went to the TNT Steel Thunder Monster Truck Tour at the E-Center. Lincoln appreciates it when you use the whole title. The new year's fairy gave him tickets on new year's day and he had to wait five whole days. It's forever for a three year old. But the anticipated day finally came and he was besides himself with excitement. (Mom was very excited too, a whole afternoon off) They arrived early as to get the pit passes, the need to touch and smell the trucks was immense. They came prepared, Lincoln informed us that he needed to wear his truck shirt and daddy needed to wear his army shirt, ear-plugs were also a must but the need for gas masks were vetoed against mom's will.
The show had monster trucks, super trucks (real rednecks with their souped up normal trucks) and motorcycles. They did all the things they were supposed to do. Jump, crash, smash and race. He hasn't stopped talking about it nor pretending he's a driver of a monster truck as displayed in this video. Sorry it's so shaky, I was laughing really hard. He's so silly. He's talking about his imaginary friend Anty, that's who is driving the truck. He told me that when the trucks crash the driver jumps out and puts his arms in the air to let everyone know he's still alive. What have we done?


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

What an adorable little red neck boy. Try to avoid introducing him to state fair attractions :) You might end up with a little boy who likes to ride sheep and yell Yee-Haw!

But really, it looks like they both had a ton of fun.

Cindy said...

Looks like they had lots of fun. I would be so out of my element trying to talk to a little boy about Monster my hat's off to you Anna!

Yostyid said...

That is fabulous! He is so animated and don't you love how exact you have to be.