Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Picnic with Meeshia

Lincoln got a chore chart for the new year. One of his chores is to feed Meeshia. Tonight I heard him down there feeding her and thought, "What a good boy."
Then after 15 min I got a little nervous, because he was being fairly quiet. I called down to ask what he was doing. His reply: "Having a picnic with Meeshia."
I started down the stairs and he came up telling me not to go down.
Worrying me even more I continued down to her room. Lincoln was at the door saying, "Don't go in mom, I gave her too many bones, don't go in. But once I went in and took all the bones away I found him eating and drinking out of her bowls.
GROSS!!! (But I still took some pictures, it's a little harder to reprimand after taking pictures.) But he said he loved having a picnic with her and he promised her he would again tomorrow. That's when we had a long talk; he promised me he wouldn't have any more picnics. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

Wow!... um can your little boy be any cuter?
Maybe you should make lincoln his own "dog food" for the picnic tomorrow.

Cindy said...

Yah I agree with Michelle. My girls use cereal bowls on the floor when they are playing "doggy." Maybe that would appease him. He was just being a sweet friend to Meeshia. :)