Monday, January 14, 2008


OK I'm putting it out there. I need some help. I need your worst customer service experience. Please. I'll start with mine.
I went to McDonald's, it's 10:08am. I really want a sausage and egg biscuit. Lincoln's in the car so I hit the drive through. Make my order. Pay with my debit card and hit the 2nd window. She starts handing me tons of stuff. I stop her and tell her I only have the biscuit meal. She turns to her super, "this lady says she only has this, where is her stuff?" Super smiles at me and asks me to pull forward and they'll bring me my food. I wait and wait. Watch the clock, keep thinking they'll be here any second, I don't want to leave my kid in the car.
Finally after twenty minutes. (I know i shouldn't have waited so long) I leave my running car and my son in the car and run in. I get up to the counter and find the same super that told me to wait and say, "So I'm still waiting." He doesn't recognize me, is turning the sign from breakfast to lunch and asks what I had ordered. I tell him, he says "Sorry we're not making breakfast anymore. Can I get you something from the lunch." I tell him that I just want my money back. He helps two customers than gets my money for me. I was so very ticked. So I take my money and leave. No food and half and hour later. (side note: I checked on my son twice and I could see my car the whole time) Now I'm really really interested in worst customer service experiences. Please share.


Cindy said...

Sorry about your bad McD's experience. Mine are usually at fast food restaurants too. I remember some "manager" lady at KFC getting snippy at Crystal one time when we were out to lunch, which made me a little snippy with her, then she declined my card when I tried to pay. (The card was fine, I used it at my next stop.)

Also, I recommend never using the drive-thru at the Lehi Wendy's. Incredibly slow. And one time Dave pulled to the wrong window to pay and it messed them up so bad, they charged our card then uncharged us then gave us refund on someone else's amount that we still havent paid back like 2 yrs later.

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I didn't know they could decline cards just to be jerks. WOW what jerks.

So sorry about the mcdonalds experience I remember when that happened.

I have had so many bad experiences but the one that most recently sticks out in my head is the walmart one.

Okay so maybe 9 months ago I was at walmart buying a few things, one of which was a pregnacy test. As many of you know it took us a year to get pregnant and I had got to the point that I was embarassed to keep buying them, like anyone would know it was my billionth test I had purchased in 6 months.

Anyway I get the cash register to purchase my items (ten items or less) Now I don't know how many of you have shoped at the 13th south walmart but every trip is a customer service nightmare. Anyway after waiting in a long line, and with an equally long line behind me it was my turn. I get up there and the girl rings up my items.

Now when most people get to a pregnancy test the ring it up as fast as they can and try to make it as normal as if I were getting toothpaste. OH NO this girl picks it up and waves it.
"Eww... Girl!! Someone's in trouble" is what she said to me.

I wanted to die, because I knew deep down, no I wasn't "in trouble" this month and like so many months before it. And I was sickened that something I wanted more in the entire world was "trouble" to her.

I gave her a weak smile bought my stuff and left. I was so embarassed. I wanted to call the manger and complain but maybe he would think I was a knocked up teenager too.

Suz said...

Anna, I have no customer service experiences to share (although I know I have had many- just can't think of any right now!) I just wanted to tell you thanks for that website for nursery- it looks like it has lots of really great stuff. Thanks!