Monday, February 18, 2008

David is King!!!

Four Posts in one night!!!
Uncle David gave Lincoln Lincoln Logs yesterday.
When I say Lincoln has played with these all day, I mean all day. We have to set timers for him so he will stop to eat, sleep and potty. He absolutely loves his new toy. Thanks David and Laylie. Andrew, two videos in one day. :) We need a video of you.


Cindy said...

How cute that Lincoln got "Lincoln logs." :) Bethy got some for Christmas and loves to play with them. David likes them a little bit too.

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I love Lincoln Logs. I want some, super cool Lincoln

Kristine said...

Did he not have and Lincoln Logs before?? I thought for sure he had. David does like to do that sort of thing. He got me an old fashioned hairdryer, leather case and all. He is king! Happy day Lincoln!! :)