Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Lincoln has become very independent lately. He can go pick out his clothes and put them all on by himself. He likes to shut me out of stalls in bathrooms so he can do it himself. He likes to pour his own drinks, get his own food and take care of himself. (This new side of him may have something to do with his lazy mother who would rather just lay down all day).

So the other day I told him we needed to go to walmart.

L: "Ahh mom, just go without me"
A: "That would be scary Lincoln, I think you would be sad"
L: "No mom, I would be fine"
A: "What would you do if you were here by yourself"
L: "Oh mom (very excited) whatever I wanted"

Needless to say he sulked and pouted the whole way to walmart and while we were there.

Silly billy Lincoln. Love that boy.


Le said...

Andrew wants me to leave him home alone while I go do stuff all the time. I don't think they every like the sound of the word no.

Kristine said...

You have taught him well :) I love his glasses too!!!

grandma blair said...

Lincoln makes me laugh right out loud! He is so cute, what would you do if he was not independant?
You are a good mom and he is a good learner.

Michelle & Collin's Blog said...

I think he gets that from his mom. super cute!

Cindy said...

Kids think they are so much more in control of their world than they really are. That's what makes them kids I guess!
I didn't know Lincoln got glasses?

Misty and The Choatester said...

He has such a fun personality!

Anna said...

they are not his glasses. He just loves to steal glasses and put them on. I think those were Michelle's that day. :)

Yosts said...

Our boys have so much in common. The Fidelity Book Fair/Open House is next Saturday.

Mom B said...

Doe his independence bother you? I think it's pretty cute, and just what you deserve! Jeff's kids always want to stay home alone (but never get to, of course.)

Suz said...

What a character!