Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lincoln"s Quote of the day

Lincoln was learning about bodies in primary, the teacher asked if everyone was happy they had a body. Lincoln the adorable son he is informed everyone:
"No, Girls have better bodies than boys"

Lincoln woke up from his nap. Jared and I were laying in bed watching TV. He comes in, sees us and gets a very frustrated look on his face. And speaks very slowly and very sternly, he was very disappointed in us.

L:"I told you when I wake up you are supposed to have a superman party for me!"
J: Sorry buddy, Mommy and I were planting flowers
L: But I told you to do a superman party!
(we tried very hard not to laugh and tell him sorry, he forgave us when he saw daddy was watching the Indy cars.) :) I don't know where he gets this stuff.

L: Mom, I don't want to take a nap!
A: Just a little one.
L: How about a zero one.
A: No
(good thing schools teaching him math)

When I get bigger and Lexi gets bigger I am going to marry her. And when we are done dancing at the temple, we'll go to the baby store. We'll get a baby brother and name him Riley(friend at school). And Lexi and I will live here and you and daddy won't live here.
(good thing he's got it all figured out)

mommy, my leg just burped....


grandma blair said...

I want to know just what he was hoping for in this superman party?
maybe a superman cake?

Anna said...

we don't know. it was so random. And we don't know why he would think girls bodies are better. We've never discussed boy vs girl bodies.