Sunday, July 27, 2008

101 things....

tagged from misty, we'll see if I can come up with 101

1. I don't enjoy being pregnant.
2. People who say they never felt better than when they were pregnant bug me.
3. I get bugged a lot easier when I'm pregnant.
4. I don't enjoy packing, moving or anything related to it.
5. I'm a homebody. Don't like to do little weekend trips, too much work.
6. I didn't know I knew how to cook until a couple years ago, I like it now. (but not when I'm pregnant)
7. I have three older brothers and two younger sisters. The boys made me tough, its taken years to take the tough off.
8. Because I was so tough no body that knew me then believes that I'm not tough anymore and have turned into a girl.
9. I had to say good bye to my nursery kids today, 16 big hugs and I couldn't keep the tears back.
10. I don't like good byes. I like to just leave, and not say good bye.
11. When I'm pregnant my babies chill in my rib cage. Can't breathe!
12. Spiders and bugs don't bother me.
13. Corrina Corrina is one of my all time favorite movies.
14. I don't like to watch sports, I don't understand the draw. This disappoints my husband.
15. My son is the loudest 4 year old I have ever met.
16. I say, "use your quiet/inside/soft voice" all day
17. The sarcasm inside of me sometimes slips out when it shouldn't, but I control it better than I used to.
18. I have zero patience for snotty kids, even though I was a snotty kid.
19. Bad parenting is my number one pet peeve. I can't stand to see parents hit, scream or shake their children. It makes me shake inside.
20. I read a lot. I like sappy novels, john grisham law stories and i've even read the vampire books. But am not the biggest fan. (sorry misty) I mainly read to read. I read magazines and lots of parenting and disciple books. (I need all the help I can get)
21. I don't love my underwear. Even though it's been 8 years I miss the old stuff immensely.
22. I love to play with kids, but have never wanted a big family. I'm not wired like others, I don't want very many and I want them far apart.
23. My favorite color used to be blue. I like red too, but my favorite is light green right now. :)
24. I'm a picker eater than anyone will ever know. I don't like a lot of food, but I eat whatever is given to me.
25. I like to make breakfast. We have hot breakfast three or four times a week. (Not when I'm pregnant though). :)
26. I love nieces and nephews.
27. I love spell check.
28. 28 is my lucky number when I used to go to wendover and play roulette. 8 and 28. I came home with $100 once. But I can't tell you how much I lost once.
29. Oh, you didn't know I used to play at Wendover, sorry.
30. I'll be 30 in January. It's not old to me. I've yet to feel old. (except when I'm pregnant)
31. I didn't know I liked to plant flowers until I got into our house, now I have huge flower gardens (which I'm leaving) but it's lots of fun for me.
32. I like cherries. I like cherry ice cream, cherry candy and cherry coke. mmmm cherry coke.
33. I don't like big crowds (like more than 5 or 6 people).
34. I can't function in caos. I just leave.
35. I like screaming music. Like nickelback, bon jovi, def lepard, smashmouth. I just like to yell along because I can't sing.
36. I like soul music, like Aretha, billy holiday, gloria ganor, supremes.
37. I'm tone deaf. Can't sing.
38. I used to play the flute, being tone deaf did not help.
39. I'm moving into my parents basement until we find a house.
40. I like to watch birds, I don't know all their names but I like to watch them.
41. People make me crazy when they think their life is the most important one on earth.
42. If I don't know the answer to something I look it up, I have to know everything about something I'm reserching.
43. This makes me sound like a know-it-all to others. I'm always telling people what I've looked up and learned. It's annoying, I wish I could keep my mouth shut. I'm working on it.
44. If I say something rude to someone I usually feel really bad for days or weeks. I don't like to be mean.
45. When people say mean things to me it usually doesn't bother me. But if Amy or Jared say something mean to me I can have my feelings hurt for a long time. Sensitive I know. :)
46. I've been trying to find the perfect pair of brown sandals since May, still searching. So sad.
47. I honestly love my husband to the sappyist extent. I'm a lucky woman. This doesn't mean he's perfect or doesn't make me crazy sometimes. But I am so happy I found him and can't live without him. (sorry, that's the only sappy one I'll do)
48. I was Jared's first girlfriend.
49. Our first date involved his mother in the back seat. (He's going to be mad I said that)
50. My son makes me laugh everyday.
51. I get cranky when I'm hungry.
52. I don't enjoy chicken during this pregnancy. I'm all about the beef.
53. One day I want to be thin, but I'm not in a hurry. :)
54. I don't like the outdoors.
55. I like to analyze everything.
56. I love to go out to dinner and chat.
57. I have lots of soapboxes if I get going, I try not to get going. :)
58. I don't know how people function without a best friend. I know I couldn't.
59. I could be a great millionare, if only someone would give me a chance.
60. I've been to Chicago, New York, San Francisco and LA. But never the south. I want to go to the south.
61. I love to hear people's stories. I want to understand how they got where they are, why they do the things they do and what their asperations are.
62. I think the choices I make today affect generations to come.
63. I have zero patience for chauvinistic men. And I usually call them out on it if I hear it. Makes me angry. :) I'm ok right now though.
64. My feminist thinking comes from somewhere deep inside of me.
65. As does my love for the civil rights.
66. The only food I will not eat is stuffing. It is gross to me.
67. Our saturn is currently not registered. I was supposed to do it before July 1st. I'm a little slow.
68. I know how to change the oil and change the tires on my cars. I've even changed the brakes.
69. I want to go back to school for my masters degree.
70. I packed I think 10 boxes of toys just for Lincoln. I don't think I've packed them all yet. So Spoiled!!!!
71. I won't tell you how many clothes boxes I have for myself though. Probably equally spoiled.
72. When I got married I went by Blair-Hall at work, if I go back to work I think I'll do it again. I like the hypen. :) It was really hard for me to change my name, really hard.
73. Lincoln is sleeping on the couch, jared's at work and I need to make dinner somehow. :)
74. I don't like it when people praise me to my face. I'd rather hear it from the grapevine or not at all. It makes me really uncomfortable. But because of this I'm not very good at praising others to their face.
75. I can't believe I've made it to 75.
76. When Amy and I went to florida on vacation we rented a red convertible, best thing we ever did. It was so fun to have a fun car. Anything that went bad on the trip we decided it was ok because we had an awsome car.
77. I could live in the bahamas.
78. I do not like Utah winters.
79. My husband thought I was spontanous when he met me, sadly he found out he was wrong.
80. I have to have everything planned out.
81. I didn't know my husband liked sports when we were dating. So I think its a fair trade.
82. I still want to spell Ruby with an ie. Rubie. Jared still doesn't.
83. I hated Syracuse when I first moved there, but now I will miss it.
84. Sometimes I miss my job at Iomega, but before I left I absoultly loathed it.
85. I miss the power. I like power, and I don't have much power at my house.
86. I can't stand to have a feline rub up against me. If the owner is not around I kick it away. (again sorry Misty, and Lindsay).
87. I'm kinda allergic to cats, but if I'm around one I'll tell the owner I'm allergic so they'll take it away.
88. I always wanted a long elegant name for my little girl. Some feminist power name, like Alexandra. But it's not to be.
89. I don't like sappy happy ending movies. I like deep drama or historical drama.
90. People always tell me I look thinner when I'm pregnant. Ya, the big round belly sure makes me look thinner!
91. I like to shop alone.
92. When I cough I sound like my mom.
93. I'm sure you are sick of hearing about me, I am.
94. I freak like a little girl if I'm swimming in a lake and a fish touches me.
95. I haven't put make up on, done my hair or matched my clothes for almost a week.
96. When people see me with out make up on they assume I'm sick.
97. I would die without the internet. I use it for everything.
98. One of my biggest soapboxes are when I see young girls get married. It makes me sad.
99. My parents let me paint my room when I turned 16. It was amazing. :) My dad did not like it.
100. I'm not as complicated as people think, or at least I try not to be.

101. Misty was right, I forgot 101. So what's the 101th thing about me. How about I need ambien to sleep when I'm pregnant.


Misty and The Choatester said...

Thanks for doing the tag! How fun. But you forgot #101 LOL.

Ginny said...

Love #101!!!!!

Michelle said...

Not cool, So I have already written up my 101 but haven't posted them yet and here you go STEALING a bunch of my 101 thanks anna! But really we had a TON that were the same. I did learn some new stuff about you though :)

Maria said...

Loved it! And very impressed that you could think of 101 things. Very impressed. :) How are things going in your new digs?

Regina said...

Anna that was awesome. I enjoyed it. Good luck moving.

Cindy said...

Anna that was amazing. Thanks for sharing. 101 things and all of them interesting...very talented. Sorry, was that compliment too direct? I guess I need to work on the sarcasm thing too.

Eve said...

I have been searching for the perfect brown flips all summer, too! Let me know if you find them.

Tad and Liza said...

The funny thing is, I think I knew a lot of this about you. That was fun to read. And we miss you. My kids especially miss Lincoln.