Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lava Lava Lava

Here's a slide show of all the fun at Lava. The videos of course are Lincoln's favorite parts.

Thanks everyone for all the fun.
Thanks Trint for making a 4 year olds day.
And I'm still sad I didn't get to go down the River. I couldn't find anyone on my side that would let me go down. :(

Sidenote: We are enjoying the joys of basement living with my parents. Lincoln is in heaven being with Grandma and Grandpa whenever he wants. We are house hunting and hoping to find something soon.

Meeshia likes the new place too. :)


Michelle said...

Anna you got some great pictures. It looks like lincoln had so much fun. My favorite part was Grandma Blair-Heaton saying "you gotta shake it!"

Michelle said...

I love Misha!! I just want to snuggle her in that picture.

Jared said...

Love you Anna...Lava was fun, sorry you were not allowed down the river, next year! Thanks for sharing the videos, I laugh at Uncle Carl dancing every time.

Mom B said...

Great pictures and amazing video of the HULA GIRLS! Who knew they had all that talent. (and skin...) Lincoln's pictures turned out pretty good. (and I'm glad your camera didn't really go in the river).

Max said...

We are probably enjoying it more than you guys. Lincoln is a delight!
He came up this morning and showed me his snail. It's a live one, he said his name is Fred Slime.

Rand said...

Um...the hula dancing. There should be a law against that sort of thing. I can only imagine how that would have turned out if the Blair's consumed alcohol.

Suz said...

The videos were pretty hilarious- thanks for the good laugh! We're hoping there will be a repeat next year when we actually have a chance of being there! :)