Saturday, July 5, 2008

Soccer and 4th of July

Fourth of July
We started out with a breakfast at G. Grandma Halls, with our tummies full we headed to the Kaysville parade where there was little candy, maybe one float (the rest was just people in cars) and a water parade.
The water parade involves trucks/trailers filled with people trying to get the spectators soaked, along with the spectators trying to get the drivers/floater people wet. The kids and the men love it. I of course took no pictures of the parade because I was too lazy. But we survived. :)

Next we came home and cleaned our house because someone wanted to come and look at it (we're selling our home if you didn't know). But they of course canceled so we took a nap. :)
Next to Grandma Blairs to play with cousins and get a bite to eat. Then to grandma Halls again to say Hi and sneak a little more food. On to the fireworks in Kaysville.
Lincoln was in charge of the camera and took some good pictures. He was cute having people get together and pose for him.

Janay and Michael

Carl and Marilyn

Grandma and Grandpa Blair

Thursday was a Real Salt Lake Soccer game with fireworks. Jared was able to get lots of tickets for Christmas and picked out the games he would go to a while ago. The one and only game I had to go to this year was this one with the fireworks. I of course don't really watch the game or realize whats going on for most part, but I do know that it ended with a tie 0, 0. And there were two fights that I really didn't appreciate my son watching. :)
But Lincoln enjoyed the game and the fireworks afterward. Jared of course loves every minute of it and has a hard time answering any questions or realizing anything else is going on besides the game. :)

Jared unable to look away for a picture

Orange v. Red, that's all I know

a little after half Lincoln was done with the game
and started driving his little car all over everything

I love this pic of Jared, it shows his true happiness

Lincoln and I, see how happy I look? Pretty good huh


red said...

Tell Lincoln thanks for taking that LOVELY picture of me. We had fun. Michael asks about Lincoln almost every day. it was fun seeing you guys.

Michelle said...

I love the pictures. Good job on the firework pictures they are hard to take pictures of. Looks like a super great day.

grandma blair said...

Thanks for coming and making my day a lot of fun. We love you guys

Cindy said...

That's impressive picture taking for a 3 almost 4 yr old! Good job Lincoln. :)

Regina said...

Remember when parades had floats. The best one was Lincoln's fav from the Syracuse parade. We are lucky if we get a trailer with a duct taped sign over the wheel well.

Mom B said...

Tell Lincoln he did a great job taking our picture! Amazingly my eyes were open! It was such a fun day and night!