Friday, July 4, 2008

Tagged by Misty...

Misty's Tag
6 random things....I know you are all dying to know.

#1 I'm a flosser, sometimes twice a day.

#2 I don't like crowds, strangers or large events....unless I'm in charge then I love it.
(because the in charge person doesn't have time to chat, very busy)

#3 I follow mean parents around in stores so they know someone is watching them so hopefully they will behave and stop yelling at their kids. (weird I know)

#4 My baby girl gets hiccups three or four times a day.

#5 I remember birthdays from forever ago. I had a friend in 4th grade "Nicole" Her birthday is on June 21st. It's the numbers I remember, but if it's the actual day and I don't know the date for the day I will forget. Sorry mom. (Last year) I even remember weird birthdays. Like Elvis's is on Jan. 8th and my friend's mom from high school's is the same day. (I checked google and I was right. :)

#6 I give church talks in my head. When I learn something spiritual or I see something I think is amazing I catalog it in my head for a church talk, and then when I'm in the shower I think of things I would say if I had a certain topic. This is why I never get asked for church talks because I am always ready (and I like to give them) Really weird I know.

Now I have to tag six people, and those six people have to give us 6 really random things about them. Good Luck.

Jules (you never do tags but I would love to read them), Des, (also don't believe she'll do it but we'll see) Booper, (just wanted to call you booper) Janay, (it's time for your blog) Maria, (you seem to have a ton going on so I don't know if you'll do a tag, but I'll try) and Eve (because I love your blog, I check it a ton.) So ladies with your personalized tags please give us your 6 random things.

:) Anna


grandma blair said...

I do the church talk thing in my head too. I thought I was the only one. weird huh! I don't have a clue what you are talking about on the date thing.

Eve said...

I like the following mean parents around, that is hilarious.

Michelle said...

So you and I are a little TO alike. I do the talk thing and follow mean parents around. AND my little girl gets the hiccups everyday too! man we must be sisters.

Misty and The Choatester said...

Good job Anna! i love that you follow mean parents around. They make me so mad. If they're doing that in the store, who knows what they do at home...thanks for doing the tag.

Regina said...

I like to give mean parents long( well did that make it better)stares. Like until they notice and feel uncomfortable. I give talks in the shower also, but it's usually what I really wanted to say when someone ticked me off.
Or I'll repeat what I did say with more attitude and wave the hand around a little more with the bobble head action. Yeah, good times.