Saturday, September 27, 2008


The circus was in town this weekend and we were so excited. Well Lincoln was ecstatic. I love when things are going on and I can make him do lots of chores and he has to be such a good boy.
The circus is amazing. We didn't get very many pictures, partly because we were in awe of the things going on and the other part was because we didn't have the best seats.
Lincoln stayed focused the whole time and loved every second of it.
Lincoln kept talking about cotton candy at the circus and we had told him before we went we wouldn't buy him any toys or souvenirs, but he could have cotton candy. Well the cotton candy came with the hat, and Jared still will not tell me how much it was. But everything was so outrageous. I saw so many people with tons of souvenirs, easily 100 dollars or more. Absolutely crazy.
As for me, let me give you all a little advice, if you are eight months(almost) pregnant the circus probably isn't the place for you. The seats, not so comfortable. The walking to the car and all around the arena, not so fun.
The two year old behind me that was kicking and spilling her lemonade on me, probably not the place for her either. Her mom was frustrated with her and at one point stood up and yelled, "I've had it!" and swatted the little girls bum in the process. Honestly I had the hardest time concentrating on the circus. Last time we went we went to a matinee and Lincoln was only 15 months old, and I don't remember him having a hard time. I heard the lady say her daughter had missed her nap, and the circus went until almost ten at night. If you are going to take your baby I would recommend the matinee, and if its not working and you are going crazy it's probably ok to leave. Just my opinion. :)
Jared and Lincoln were able to go down to the pre-show where youwere able to meet some of the performers and try on costumes. They had lots of fun, but Jared only had his camera phone so I will try and get some of those pix's on tomorrow.

I love the elephants at the circus. They are my favorite part. It's amazing to me they can get these huge animals to do dog tricks. :)
Jared's favorite is the trapeze and motorcycles. They somehow got 7 motorcycles in that tiny cage. It was amazing. If anyone would have been a forth of a second off they all would have died!
Lincoln loved the tigers and the finale. The tigers were kind of grumpy and didn't really do all the tricks they were supposed to do. Lincoln said, "they aren't listening like I sometimes don't listen!" He thought it was so funny.
Rating on the circus probably an 8 out of 10. It was cool, but when we went three years ago we thought it was better. :) But I can tell you that it is very fun to see my little boy so excited and so mesmerized by the whole thing.


Cindy said...

Yea Lincoln! Glad you all had fun! For the most part. I think we went 3 years ago too. I think Bethy was one, and did fine. But we had bad seats, so the preshow was really fun where we could be up close to the performers and the huge elephant! They are amazing. The caged motorcyclists rattle my nerves, thinking what could go wrong...

Chad and Desiree Hansen said...

How fun! I love to go to the circus too.. obviously we are missing it this year!

Michelle said...

I am glad Lincoln had so much fun. I am enjoying the "circus" play that he is doing now. "I'm a tiger and I'm not listening.... you need to tap me" so cute.

Juannael said...

Don't you hate how outrageous the souvenirs are? It probably is better that Jared won't tell you. You are brave to go. Justin wanted me to go with Ella in tow last year and I refused to go. They had a ball though.

Mary said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. we went to the circus on opening night and both of the girls loved it we try to make a family tradition every year.