Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lincoln wants to be a rock star

Lincoln found this little guitar of Jared's and started rocking out. He made up his own songs and had a mirror he was looking in. He's awesome. I think he's going to have a hard time sharing the attention when his sister comes, because he sure gets a ton now. ;)

sorry the quality isn't that great, it's a little dark in the basement ;)


Trint and Misty said...

ok...there is only one way to describe what I just saw and that is WICKED COOL! He is so funny! Maybe you should enroll him in guitar lessons, you could have a ROCK prodigy LOL!

Trint and Misty said...

BTW...I think Trint would have a kid right now if he could be guaranteed a kid like Lincoln! He adores him.

Michelle said...

Lincoln you are so awesome what a ROCKSTAR!!!

Kim said...

Lincoln is such a doll. He will be a great big brother. He'll still get the attention but in a different way. Ruby will be his biggest fan.

Juannael said...

I love it!!
Second, Happy Birthday Jared!
Third, I hope the papers go through on your perfect house!!
I can't believe Ruby is almost here, even though I am sure you are more than ready to be done!

Ginny said...

Congrats on 6 weeks left. of course it's 6 long weeks :|

Regina said...

Uh, can I steal Lincoln? I think he has a couple lessons he could give Dex. ROCK ON!