Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jared's Birthday


We had such a good time. Lincoln had been counting down the days until daddy's birthday, and when he woke up he couldn't wait to give him his present. (I think the free mask that came with the video added to his excitement. This is the video card Lincoln made.
He's a thoughtful little boy. I don't really know what he means when he says the light is green. He knows he can't watch Transformers but his daddy can. He asked so many questions about the movie and was so happy for his daddy to be able to watch it.
Jared and I spent the day together while Jared's mom played with Lincoln (thank you!)
We then went and picked Lincoln up to go to dinner with us. He was so excited to go to red lobster because he loves shrimp. He fell asleep on the way over and we had the hardest time waking him up. Eventually showing him the lobster tank did the trick.
Lincoln was in awe of his father's skills
After dinner was Jared's favorite part. At speed street they have a deal you get a free race when it's your birthday. Jared was lucky enough that we showed up around the same time as another group so he had some competition. (His wife isn't quite in the condition to race go carts twenty laps at a time) He did his first race and came in third (this disappointed Jared) So when the other group was going to try it once more Jared was game. His second race proved to be a birthday success. He kicked their trash the whole time. (I love my competitive man)
Next was black forest cake. His very favorite.
Happy birthday honey. I love you.


Jared said...

Thank you Anna and Lincoln, it was a very fun filled day! Gotta love the racing sock hair in the last picture. Lincoln ran around grandma's house all night wearing it (in his right hand of the same picture). Good times.

grandma blair said...

So glad you all had a happy day, Happy Birthday Jared.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Jared! Glad you had a great day.

Michelle said...

What a great way to spend your twenty first birthday. You are growing up so fast ;)

Jules said...

The light on the camcorder turned green I bet....cute Lincoln...and happy birthday Jared!