Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Belly Update

Another belly shot. I was too lazy to put the red shirt on (I hate that shirt now.) But yesterday I had some one tell me I looked like I was having triplets. Nice eh?

Went to the Dr. today. I have him check me every time just to make sure I made the right decision on having the c-section, and I did. Today (at 39 weeks) absolutely nothing is going on. I don't dilate or efface. He was nice enough to tell me I had a large belly and wouldn't be surprised if my baby was bigger than her brother was. (Lincoln was 8lbs 7oz.) So, we scheduled the c-section for Tuesday afternoon. That way Lincoln can see his sister before heading off to stay at his cousins for a few days. (I hope the cousins survive)

I'm not as antsy as I was a week ago, in fact I'm a little terrified. New babies are so tiny and so much work, and its been a really long time. I feel like I know more what I'm getting into than I did with Lincoln and it makes me nervous. I'm sure I'll feel much better once she is here safe and sound.
Some fun news is that I had Jared take Lincoln for most of the day yesterday and got my hair done. I know I'm dramatic but I love to change my hair. I love to have a whole new look. Its still extra dark and will lighten up in a week. But I love it. :) And don't be too concerned about all the spots on my skin (I'm sure you weren't) But I get the lovely privilege of getting that weird pregnancy mask thing when I'm pregnant. If you get close it looks like I have age spots all over my skin. It went away with Lincoln so hopefully it will will Ruby.


Kristine said...

LOVE the hair!!! To be honest I think you look great being pregnant and I don't know how so many people can be so thoughtless...can't wait to see baby Ruby!

Michelle said...

I love the hair, I would love to do something that drastic with mine but I am chicken :( I guess I always will be too.

Cindy said...

Whatever! You do not look huge! People say such dumb things sometimes. I remember feeling so huge and people telling me how "uncomfortable" I looked and now I look back at my pregnant pictures and realize I wasn't that big at all! Hang in there!

Michelle said...

Oh and there is NO way you could possibly have triplets in there ... maybe twins but not triplets J/K. Remember the guy who said this to me?
"Let me guess I'm good at this... eh... 7 months."
"maybe it's twins, you know there is no way of knowing at 5 months"
"maybe.[deadly thoughts in my head]

Maria said...

Oh, I think you look cute in that pink shirt! :) And, I love the hair!

I can't believe you're just days away! Good luck! (You did just fine with Lincoln, so you KNOW you're going to be GREAT with Ruby!) I can't wait to see what she looks like!!

Juannael said...

I love your hair, and I am way jealous! We are so excited for you to have this little girl! I keep checking to see if you have had her, even though I know you are scheduled for a c-section ;)
You are awesome!

Ginny said...

Love your hair! It's always nice to have it done before the baby comes. Only 5 days left.... YEAH! I'm so excited for you. Although I did forget how lil' sleep you get, especially when there is another kid in the house. If you need me to take Lincoln, please call. Elizabeth would love to have someone to play with.

The Johnson Crew said...

Anna...Can I just say I really miss you! I seriously look at your blog everyday. I really miss all the good times we use to have growing up. Jumping off decks, stuffing our bras with balloons and just having fun.
I am so happy for you and wish you the best with the new baby.
I really want to get together sometime when you feel up to it. Let me know.