Thursday, October 9, 2008

Belly update:8 months

I don't know what happened to this shirt, but apparently I got something on it. Weird.
and sorry for the wet hair, what can I say, I'm lazy.
I know I said this last time but I just do not enjoy pregnancy. But I am finally allowing myself to believe there really is a little baby girl coming to my house and I will have to take care of her. I'm excited about the snuggling and the alone time (Lincoln goes to preschool 4 times a week) I'm excited to see my cute husband with his little girl, (he loves babies more than most men, he's adorable with them, kinda hogs them though). I am really exited to breathe again and get this very active little girl out of me.
I will not miss the very sore hips and ribs. The lack of breath and energy. Nor will I miss the clothes, the contractions or the leg/foot cramps. :) One weird thing about me too is I don't enjoy when I walk in the room and everyone sees what I'm going through. I don't like talking to strangers so it's weird when they ask all the questions. I'm the type of person that can sit next to someone on a plane and never talk to them. :) It's a personality issue I know. :)We went to the Dr. on Wednesday and everything looks the same as it did with Lincoln, nothing going on and the baby so high nothing will probably happen. We're planning on a c-section on the 4th of November and the Dr. said I should not have any problems making it that far, (I'm not happy about going full term but I really don't want her to deal with a Halloween birthday.) I don't have as much fluid as I did with Lincoln but she is still weighing in really big. 7lbs 90z is what the ultrasound said, but they are usually a little off. Either way the Dr. said she's on track to be a big healthy baby. Good thing I'm a wimp and like the Dr. to just take them out so I don't have to do the pushing work. :)


Michelle said...

not to be mean but I think you have grown since I last saw you. bad news is you still look HOT!!! There are women every where that are hating you ;)

Maria said...

You are so cute. I'm way impressed with your bargain dressers/end table/chairs! Way to be! I had fun at Bunko. It reminds me that I need to get out without the babe and the hubs from time to time! :)

Ginny said...

You still look great! Even if you don't feel it.

I tried to talk Jed into going c-section and he just looked at me and said, "na, I don't think so."

Good luck with the last month. I think those are the longest days ever!

Cindy said...

Oh, you're so close! I know because Alyssa keeps counting down to her birthday. Lyss wants Ruby/Rubie to share her bday :) Maybe you should just let Ruby push herself out on whatever day she picks! jk I've done both ways and they both require recovering from soreness... with a gorgeous baby to snuggle at the end.

Trint and Misty said...

You look so cute!

red said...

You look great!