Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't mean to be rude but....

I know Amy is going to roll her eyes at this one, she told me I'm always talking about what others do wrong. But honestly people, learn some tact.
I was checking out at walmart (why is it always walmart) and the checker said,

"I don't mean to be rude, but are you just have a really big baby or twins. I mean your stomach is GINORMOUS, (yes she really used that word)."
I just told her I was close to the end, so I'm just really big. She had more fun for me.
"Oh, I don't mean to be awkward, but can I touch your belly?"
"No, sorry you can't"
"Oh, are you just worried if anything touches it your baby will just pop out?"
"uh, no. "
"Well, I hope you are ok, because in comparison to the rest of your body, your stomach just really is out there. I saw you walking by earlier and I just thought, wow she is huge."

I was paying as quickly as I could and done talking. I just wanted out and away from her. It was crazy.
So here is my hint people, if you start out any of your sentences, "I don't mean to be rude, but...
or "don't mean to pry, but... or "don't mean to be awkward, but....
You are being whatever you say you are not. Just because you say but doesn't mean you are not rude or whatever. So in the future check out girl..... bite your tounge, so I don't have to think I'm a spectacal everywhere I go. :)


red said...

I'm sorry people are stupid. I think you look cute. I can't believe you didn't throw something at her (or cry) GOOD job not letting her touch your belly. What kind of a person asks that seriously? Was that in Layton or Syracuse? There was a checker in Layton who did the same thing to me except she also pressured me into telling her a name I was going to give the baby so I made one up. Mind your DANG business people SERIOUSLY!! You should take a water baloon with you everywhere and pretend like your water broke when people ask you stupid questions like that :)

Eve said...

That is about the most persistent insulting wal-mart checker I have ever heard of. I remember feeling pressured into letting people touch my belly but that is great that you didn't let her.

And I don't think you look any bigger than any normal 36-37 weeker, I have to say.

I had someone inform me I was huge around 28 weeks. I wasn't. Thankfully I knew that and could just laugh at how dense she was.

Chad and Desiree Hansen said...

I think you are darling... People are so dumb. Hang in there, Your almost done!

Cindy said...

I don't think you look "ginormous" either Anna. But either way, people should know not to say such obviously hurtful things. I remember feeling like I was all belly at times too, but I just kept reminding myself I had lots of extra water in there for baby Mayzie to swim in.

Michelle said...

Why is it always wal mart. It could have been the girl that told me "uh oh!! Someone is in trouble" when I was buying a pregnancy test. I wanted to yell at her pregnancy's aren't a punishment for me little girl!!! Ahhh Walmart needs to have tact seminars for all their checkers.
Sorry about that Anna I when I got to the end I felt like I had a sign following me around "Look at me Look at me!" Remember the guy that said ....
"Let me guess 7 months"
"oh.. maybe it's twins, there is no way to know"
And they wonder why women are so irritable towards the end of their pregnancy.

Trint and Misty said...

K...that's just plain WEIRD!

Anna said...

I'm not depressed about it, I just can't believe people really are that dense. :) And I know I am not as GINORMOUS as I was with Lincoln. This little thing is kicking my trash because she doesn't have all the swimming room her brother had. :)

Juannael said...

Wow!!! I just don't know what else to say!

Kirst said...

That just goes beyond rude and ignorant and tactless! I can't believe that. I agree with the masses--you look great. I think as a general rule people shouldn't use the words huge, ginormous, big or any other synonym when referencing a pregnant lady's appearance! Seriously, what are people thinking? In what world would it make somebody feel good about themselves to be called any or all of those things? People are so insensitive. And I'm totally not surprised that it happened at the Wal Marts. I hate that place.

Ginny said...

I wish I was surprised... but it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people really are. You were nice I probably would have said something like, "did your mom drop you, or are you really just dumb!"

Or just punched her :)

grandma blair said...

that is just crazy!! I think you look amazing. I just feel bad you are getting beat up so bad by your little Ruby.

The Johnson Crew said...

I remember those days. But I was pregnant with twins. It didn't matter when I went I had some sort of comment and you wouldn't believe the looks I would get. I was HUGE! I am just shocked that she actually asked to touch your belly...haha

Max said...

I feel your pain, Anna. I get asked that all the time.
Some comments you could make...
1.No, I'm not pregnant. I'm just stealing an exercise ball, idjut!
2.No, I'm not pregnant. Me and my daddy are twins.
3.No, I'm not pregnant. I just got my money's worth at Hometown Buffet!
4.No, you can't touch it because then your stupid security guy would make me pay for this TV under here!
5.No, I'm not pregnant. I'm a vampire and this is just the last checker that asked rude questions.
6.If you'll excuse me for not answering, I'll excuse you for asking.
7.No, you can't touch it. Are you just plain stupid, or do you just want me to think you're just plain stupid.
8.If you would have made it to 3rd grade, which is obvious you didn't, there's a subject they teach there called manners. Perhaps you can go back?
9. No, but you should understand because aren't you pregnant too, or did your support pantyhose give out like your brain. (even if it's a guy?)
10. "Uhmmm. I dunno. Maybe you better ask my boyfriend. He's right over there." (then point to the biggest and meanest looking guy you can see around.
11. Quietly lean over and say "Questions like that are considered a form of sexual harassment in court. The last checker that asked me that is now paying for my new Escalade. But you look like a nice guy, or are you a girl, so I'm just going to warn you and tell your manager instead a filing another claim."

Even as ignorant and uniformed as I am, I know..
1. You never ask a female if she's pregnant, even it it looks like she's hiding a Volkswagon Beetle under there.
2. You never touch pregnant ladies stomach! Even if one of my girl's say feel the baby kicking, I know to ask first, even in it's obvious it's okay.

Amy said...

That is pretty bad! Wow! And I thoroughly enjoy your posts. I don't understand how some people actually think that they can talk like that to a stranger. Oh, and I liked your dad's comments. I need to remember those...