Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Christmas post. :)
Presents, family and friends oh my. Enjoy.
Every year when I see the morning pictures I tell myself, next year remember to comb your hair and put make up on. But it never happens. Then everyone sees you al' natural. :)On Christmas Eve we had Jared's family over for dinner and presents. It was a lot of fun as you can see. :)We also went to my moms and I forgot the camera, you'll have to check some of my siblings sites, I saw them taking pictures. Plus we went to Nikki's for the George Christmas get together, again didn't bring my camera. But the food was wonderful. :) Even went to the fun Blair Christmas party, brought my camera, but still didn't take pictures. I'm awesome, I know.

And just because I can't get enough of Ruby Ann, here are some cute shots of her. I loved the giggle shirt and her not giggling. :)
Well, I'm all Christmas'd out. I'm sure there are a few gasps to think such and thing, but thats the truth. I like to get my christmas down as soon as possible and move on. Such a baa humbug I know. Yeah for no more Christmas. :)


Michelle said...

Don't worry Anna I took all my decorations down to. Of course all of mine fit in a shoe box ;)

Baby Ruby is adorable, I love the ones with her and Lincoln.

Juannael said...

Amen to that. As soon as its over I like to put everything away. Nate made me wait until Sunday this year.
Ruby is so beautiful. I loved her little brown coat and cute tights.

Kristine said...

Thanks again for hosting Christmas Eve!! I thought it was a great tradition and I hope we can keep it up. Our family is growing more that I realized so it was fun to just chill w/ the siblings, spouses and growing nieces and nephews! Please tell them to not grow any more until I return though..sad. Love you guys!!

Jules said...

Anna...how do you do collages like this? i hate uploading one picture at a time and am wondering what you are using to make these collages so you can put several pictures up at once and have it look organized...are you doing that in blogger or somewhere else?