Monday, December 22, 2008

Quirky Tag from Le

I have pictures of my house to post, pictures of Ruby and Lincoln. But this tag is just too easy so I thought I'd do that instead.
It was really hard to pick just six quirky things about me. I had to really narrow it down. :)
In no particular order 6 quirky things.....

1. I refuse to use the flip top on the toothpaste, I have to unscrew and then screw it back on. It took years to discover the flip top can be unscrewed, until then I only bought crest because it was screw top.

2. To my husbands dismay I leave candy wrappers/gum wrappers wherever I open them. Sometimes right by a garbage can.

3. If in deep thought I will start to put little braids in my hair. Sometimes I'll have tons without even realizing it. Also if I'm thinking I tap my nails on hard surfaces and make a ticking noise with my tongue. My husband loves it.

4. When I drink anything I hold my pinky out like I'm drinking some delicate wine or something. Its odd I know.

5. Smells really bother me, worst one is rags that have sat in the wash too long and then put in the dryer anyway. So before I dry my hands or use a rag I smell it. Even at others homes. Its a little embarrassing if I'm caught smelling your rag.

6. If I'm nervous I get chatty. In the surgery room I always am making chit chat with all the nurses. Telling them anything I can think of. And when I meet new people I'll start chatting and tell them too much about myself. And I'm always yelling in my head to shut up, but I can't control it if I'm nervous.

There you have it....just a small look into the quirkyness of me. :)
I tag Eve, Julie Chandie and Kim.



Jules said...

I totally do the pinky thing! So funny...I catch myself ALL the time with my little crooked pinky up in the air and I try not to but it still happens...funny. Maybe it's genetic?

Michelle said...

I do the stupid chatty thing. I say things that I would NEVER say and that later I am shooting myself over.

VJBlair said...

I can relate to the candy wrappers. Most of the time they end up in my pockets.