Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My cousin's wife Kim(Thank you thank you thank you) Sent us this little blanket/toy (we call it her Lovey) when Ruby was born. Lovey is super soft and we started giving it to Ruby to snuggle when she fell asleep. Now she needs the sweet thing to fall asleep. She snuggles into it, and likes it to cover her face(nothing else is allowed to even touch her face. She's a non-snugly baby. She does not enjoy being rocked to sleep or has yet to put her head on my shoulder. But with her smiles I forgive her. :) Just thought we would say thanks to Kim, and let you see how adorable she is.


Michelle said...

Delilah had to have the super soft blanket mom made for her in order to go to sleep. :) And she never snuggles me :(
I am excited to see her next month!!

Max said...

Wow! A baby girl that won't snuggle or let you cuddle her. This sounds familiar....let me think...oh yeah...it was thiry years ago. This month. Ah, the beat goes on..

Kim said...

I'm glad you like the blanket. Every one of my kids has something they snuggle with to go to sleep, even now. I've still yet to find something for Carter though, he insists on my hair which is cute, but can't last for long.