Friday, January 9, 2009

More Lincoln

Lincoln loves to take showers. In the shower today I went in to tell him time was up.
L: "Mom, you need to leave, this is my private time."
This made me very curious. So I investigate and find suds all over the shower (this is not that uncommon).
me: "whats up buddy?"
l: "Just don't watch me mom, because when I touch this bubble I become (whispered voice): Bubble man. And he's not a good guy, he's a bad guy. He shoots bubbles at people. (He has a very guilty look on his face now).
me: that sounds fun, please don't use all the body wash
l: "Ok, don't watch mom, and I'm not going to do the song while you are in here, K."
me: K, you've got five more minutes, bubble man... :)"
l: "Don't call me that, its a secret."

I've very sad I missed the song.
Anyone know of a good acting agent or something I could get paid for all this imagination???


Michelle said...

How do you live with him? Oh... keep the stories coming!!!

red said...

I love lincoln! How do u not laugh all the time? I will give u the name and number of the agent at MCcarty talent. Do you have a good head shot for him?

Jeff said...

Anna your kids are so cute! What a fun imagination. I also can't believe Ruby is growing so fast. Hold on to every moment.

Kim said...

That comment from "Jeff" is actually from me.

Dexton said...

or he could write stories and be more popular than Harry Potter!