Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stake Conference

First of all, Jared and I had this great idea that we would have a special hot wheels car that Lincoln would have to earn at stake conference by being quiet and listening. I was so excited that we had a plan and he was going to be a great four year old. Within the first 10 min. I knew I was wrong. He was everywhere. And to this day still can not whisper. :) So anyone within oh, 10 rows of us heard him. But I thought I would share some extra fun quotes.
I took him out in the hall to get a drink, after said drink, "Mom, I can not go back in there. I am way too naughty!"
When I told him to sit down: "mom you heard the president, you have to listen to your kid!"
Near the end of the General Authority's talk: "this guy is killing me! I just want to go home."
And just because he knew he had already not earned his car on the way out. "Mom, I just don't like church! I don't like sitting and I don't like the long talks!" I got lots of pity looks as I took my son to the car. He just kept saying it over and over.


Michelle said...

Sadly I know how he feels.

Maria said...

Hahahaha...if it makes you feel any better, Audrey had to sit UP on the couch for five minutes of SILENT practice after coming home from a naughty behavior Stake Conference just last week. Every time she made even the slightest peep or laid down on the couch, I'd walk past the timer and add another minute until she got a clue. I felt like it was effective.

(However, because Cory passes the sacrament, Audrey has to sit up on the stand by me while I lead the music in Sacrament Meeting. Yesterday, she stood up while I was leading with her string cheese hanging out of her mouth. This was wrong on many levels--we've been asked not to give our kids snacks in the chapel, and she was bouncing around while I was leading. I pretended not to see her.)

Wow. Sorry about the long comment!

Tad and Liza said...

I think we have sat by you in stake conference before...I don't know who is worse, mine or yours.

Cindy said...

Nice to know someone else gets a run for their money too, in the parenthood dept. :)

Jared said...

I didn't notice it was that bad :). Maybe cause I was feeding Ruby her bottle a few minutes longer than necessary in the hallway. He finally earned that car at the third Sunday visit - Amy's house.