Friday, February 13, 2009

tag- 25 random things kinda

I've been tagged a few times on this and always think its so weird people want to know random things about me. But I am avoiding laundry and cleaning for the moment and nobody has a new post so I decided to make my own post. But I'm going to change the random things post to random thoughts. :) 25 random thoughts I've had today.....

1. Will Lincoln ever stop putting his mouth on everything. ( I saw him lick the remote for no apparent reason today.
2. What type of diapers am I going to have to get to keep Ruby from ruining her clothes. Everytime she has a BM she blows through a diaper.
3. Its ok if I have the second cookie. I had a 250 calorie lunch.
4. I wonder if I could really go to south carolina for a week without my husband and my son. I wonder if I could survive the plane ride with a four month old
4. I wonder if my cousin knows I know she never wrote me back
5. I wish some people would quit putting me on a pedestal (I know it's not you guys). Its a lot of pressure, and kinda annoying.
6. I hope Ruby's blessing dress fits, it should be here any minute.
7. A whole night with out Lincoln and Jared. i think I'll order Chinese. But I want to win the biggest loser this week. hmmmm Maybe I'll get the throw up bug Lincoln got, then I could still eat Chinese and win the biggest loser.
8. Don't forget to take the fingernail polish off, I keep forgetting everyday.
9. I can't sleep with jammies on
10. I suck at being romantic....he does such a better job
11. The mirror I was saving up for at target is all sold out, because it went on clearance for 1/4 of the price I was saving. :( No targets have them. :(
12. now what am I going to spend my birthday money on
13. I won bunko last night, for the very first time. I'm always so much happier if I am winning.
14. I wonder how many people cringe the the site of me or the sound of my voice.
15. I wonder why people stay in horrible relationships.
16. I wonder if I really can catch my brother David in the biggest loser contest
17. I wonder who stalks my blog?
18.I wonder what I can do to be a better sister
19. Did I feed the dog
20. I need to get down on the floor and play city with Lincoln
21. When did I feed ruby last, hmmmm
22. I need to call about visit teaching
23. I wonder if anyone knows my name in my ward
24. I need to plant the bulbs, I wonder if I can still get away with it
25. my house is a mess. I need to go clean it. :)

AND I forgot to tag others. I tag Michelle, Misty, Marilyn. Its M day. :)


Jules said...

crap. am i the cousin who you know never wrote back?

check your email please. don't hate. i didn't mean to forget. :(

Dave said...

Good luck catching me... You'll need it :)

Cindy said...

I have traveled with a 3 month old to D.C. and a 15 mo. old to Hawaii. Both were really easy. I think traveling with a loud 2 yr old, that would be hard!
And no one cringes when they see you!

Michelle said...

I am happy your thought process is similar to mine. :) And what did you have for lunch that was only 250 calories?

red said...

We worry about a lot of the same things. Let's go to SC together, unless I'm a person you cringe at!! And you'll never be able to get off the pedestal as long as your house is that clean and you keep doing your hair every day!!!

Michelle said...

Anna if it makes you feel better you aren't on a pedestal for me :) But I think you should fix my pedestal, it's leaning a little.

Eve said...

I stalk your blog, but you already knew that. I wonder how many of your cousins are paranoid now. I know I am even though I'm quite positive that wasn't about me. I might be prone to paranoia, though.

Regina said...

I stalk you! In a good, legal manner. I'm just a little slow at it.