Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines day

We were trying to tell Lincoln how to take a good picture of us. :)
We decided to take it easy for Valentines Day. Jared was not feeling well and we hadn't got a babysitter. But we decided that we'd make a fun nice dinner for home. We've learned our lesson and will not have kids for our valentines dinner again. It wasn't fun to have Lincoln running back and forth back and forth and not listening and poor Ruby was sad and crying and just wanted to be held. :) Lesson learned.

The spread. Steak, sweet potatoes and asparagus.
Ruby got dressed up for the occasion. Too bad I'm too lazy to rotate the pix

I wanted to make heart pancakes, but was out voted so we had monster truck pancakes for valentines day. :)
Ruby wanted to watch the movie too. :)


Michelle said...

Sounds better than our V-day! :)
I love the pancakes.

red said...

That's adorable. You'r e such a cute mommy! I successfully made two heart pancakes but the rest kind of looked like giant blobs ;) hope you guys had fun!!