Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life with Lincoln

I was up feeding Ruby and Lincoln kept yelling that I needed to come see what he was doing. When I finally came this is what I found. Yes he's reading the book of mormon reader. He thinks it gets him out of trouble.
Today when he was in time out (one of FIVE) he found this reader and decided he could read the scriptures in time out. He came out and said, "Mom, I feel the holy Ghost, I'm so sorry I was naughty, I'm going to go pray now." And he went over to the corner and said a little prayer. I just stood in stunned silence.
I really thought that once Ruby was born she'd have all lime light on the blog, but this kid is just too crazy. Janay and her kids were over the other day and we looked out to check on the boys. Where were they. We couldn't find them anywhere, until we heard their whispers. Silly boys.
And Just because she's adorable, a random pic of Ruby.


Michelle said...

Oh how I love that boy.
Lincoln next time I am in utah we should play in your submarine. :)
Oh and Ruby don't you look dashing in your leg warmers.

Cindy said...

Love those bright legwarmers Ruby! Mayzie loves hers and will find them in her drawer and put them on herself, whether they match or not:)

That is some advanced reading Lincoln! Impressive. I cant believe they fit inside the sandbox!

The Johnson Crew said...

Wow! He is one creative little boy. I just have to laugh.

red said...

That's adorable! thanks for posting the cute turtle adventure! Where did you get the backpack? I love it!