Monday, March 30, 2009

She's starving!

Poor thing, wishes her parents would just feed her more. :)

Apparently I didn't notice she spit up. sorry about the grossness.


Michelle said...

She's going to be looking like Delilah any day now.
I love the big eyes when Jared takes a drink.

grandma blair said...

She is so cute, I love how Lincoln thinks everything she does is funny.
Love your kids!!

Juannael said...

She is just so cute! I also loved how big her eyes got when Jared took a drink.
How is everything going your way? Are you guys all settled in your house?

Ginny said...

She's so cute. I want to give her hugs. Enjoy her being lil', mine is 7 mo, and wearing 12 mo clothes.

Maria said...

So cute--and only slightly disgusting to see the slobbered juice bottle go back into Jared's mouth. ;)

Thanks for letting me snuggle her this afternoon!