Sunday, March 8, 2009

tried to grow it out

I know not very many people understand, but I can't stand to have long hair. Just feels weird. I was trying to see if I could grow it out and it was making me crazy. do.I love the honestly of children. When Lexi saw my hair:
"Hey, whats wrong with your hair? You look like a grandma." rest of the day everytime she saw me: "Your hair still looks like a grandma"

When Lincoln saw me: "Mom, why did you cut your hair? Now nobody will know ya!"


Cindy said...

Looks great! Looks lighter too. Sometimes kids don't know what they're talking about :) I'm the opposite, I can't keep mine short. But I like to chop it off and watch it grow out again.

Michelle said...

OoooOOoooo Sexy!!

Max said...

You want some honesty from kids, you ought to hear some of the comments I get from kids on my weight!

grandma blair said...

I really like your hair. I think it is fun how you wear it so many different ways. Way cute!!