Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh thank heaven for cousins

Sometimes cousins come in real Handy. This is my cousin Regi. She hates pictures and hates to be told she's amazing. But she is. :)
I had her stop by and help me brainstorm on anything thing fun I could do to make my house look more like mine and not the people that used to live here. She had some fun ideas and then we decided we needed to paint. Purple. I was so excited, I went and got some paint that I knew was the perfect color. She texted me begging to help paint, I said sure. :) I tested a little spot on the wall and thought it would be pretty.This is the before picture with my perfect color picked out.Regi kicked me off the painting job after about 20 seconds of watching me paint. , I was not impressive. But I love her for it, because she had the beauty of my wall in mind. :) We got the color on the big wall, and I was grossing out. It looked like barney the dinosaur purple. I was so sad. Regi Went to the store to have them tweak the color a little and see if we could fix it.
Meanwhile the boys played in the mud. Yes we sent them out there, we are awesome moms and knew it would keep them interested. I even got the hose for them. Clothes wash. :)

Next we well, alright Regi again painted the wall. I was sad, it just wasn't the color in my mind. She agreed and went to tweak the color again. We needed it darker!!!!
Ruby was very helpful by looking cute and playing happily. :)
Finished Project!!!! I love it. Thank you Regi, hope you survived a whole day of painting the same wall three times.
I'll take another picture when I finally get things on the wall.
Jared even likes it. :) Lincoln is very sad it's not dinosaur green.


Michelle said...

When you first showed me the color of paint I was like "your wall will look like a preschool". :) and I thought okay Anna do what you want to do. But I do like the finished project. Very nice :)

crystal said...

I love that color!!! It was worth painting it three times. You have a lot more patience than me! Ruby just keeps getting cuter. I want to see her in person!

Cindy said...

The dark wall looks really nice! And how lucky to have a personal home designer too!

red said...

Your wall is awesome. I'm glad it turned out so dark. It looks like you (not the dark part just the cool purple part.)

Regina said...

I told you NOT to take pics of me! Time will heal my wound. The nice comments will speed up the process. Thanks Anna

Tad and Liza said...

We must have been doing the same thing at exactly the same time. Painted mine orange, looked like an easter egg, now I went darker and loved it. I want to see yours in person, me and the two kids will stop by while one is at school.