Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

Lincoln was on spring break all week, it has been lots of fun and lots of work. (I enjoy 4 day a week preschool)
Here are some of our adventures. :)Dino park with Audrey (cute friend, whose mom traded us for Ruby) and Michael. (fun cousin)


Michelle said...

So fun. :) I know all the moms here were struggling with spring break this week too.
I like that Audry is picking the dinosaurs nose in one of the pics.

Cindy said...

Yah I liked the Audrey nose picking one too. How cute that they were all holding hands too. My kids loved that dino park too, once they stopped being scared of the dinosaurs and the roaring.

red said...

Thanks for going it was fun! those are cute pictures. It totally looks like she's picking the dinosaur's nose!

Maria said...

Hey-if you get in trouble at home for picking your own nose, why not go big at the dino park and REALLY go for gold? :) Thanks for taking her! She's still talking about it!!!