Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Well it's official. Lincoln is a chicken. :)
He hates water in his ears, and deep water. We made him endure for two weeks of swimming lessons to have him fail. "He showed great improvement. Lincoln needs to work on his floats and crawls. He would do best to repeat level 1" makes me laugh. His instructor was really great, and pushed him enough to get him to go in the deep and put his head under water. So that was great. He just needs to focus and not freak out. We'll get him there.
Maybe its because he's in his own world.


red said...

He can come be on Michael's team! He starts lessons in June maybe we can go "practice" at surf n swim!
You get points for trying Lincoln!

Michelle said...

just keep swimming
just keep swimming
Keep up the good work!

Tad and Liza said...

Oh man, him and Kamden ought to be funny together in the pool. Atleast you finished the lessons, we all together quit. Props for that!

grandma blair said...

Lincoln, you are amazing. You are going to be great in level one.

VJBlair said...

Looks like fun. We're going to have to start those someday.