Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have you been busy....we have

First, Ruby just won't listen and continues to grow grow, here she is rocking the skinny pant capri

There is a chocolate factory that does tours. Here is darling Cori with a mouth full of chocolate. We had a good time, even though there wasn't much to see and not really much chocolate making going on. We still got to do something different. Lincoln and Jared had just finished Charlie and the Chocolate factory. So it was fun to see a real chocolate factory.

Ruby enjoyed looking at the chocolate. Poor thing couldn't have any. :)
This is Brei, she is Ruby's cousin and is four months old. Ruby thinks she is delicious.

Ruby's newest trick. Jump Jump Jumping

And why not wear your sister's clothes. Who cares really...... :) This kid is hilarious. I love his sexy justin timberlake pose. Where does he get this????? I love how her jeans fit over his tiny tush.


Maria said...

Oh dear. OH DEAR! Those are the best blackmail pictures of a little boy I've ever seen...

Ok-so maybe if he were wearing a dress it would be better, but I cannot believe he can fit into those tiny pants!! Too funny!

Tad and Liza said...

Such fun pictures! Obviously my kids loved the chocolate. It was worth it to them!

Michelle said...

Are those your super cute new pillows you made shoved up your little football players shirt?
Love all the pictures, such a fun family!!
am I the only one that thinks Ruby looks super tall?

Cindy said...

Wow! I can't believe Lincoln can fit into Ruby's clothes! Crazy.

The Johnson Crew said...

He is so gorgeous! The Chocolate factory sound really good. Where is it?

Juannael said...

Love the Timberlake action! What an awesome family you have! Ruby has gotten so big!