Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Months Miss Ruby

7 Months? Thats more than half way past a year. So sad. I know I'm always whining on these posts but, Honestly. Slow up Miss Ruby Slow Up!

7 Months. She is crawling and moving and wiggling and jabbering and very constant. Doesn't like to hold still. Ruby is in love with her daddy. If he walks in the room she reaches her arms out to him and whines until he picks her up. She crys if he walks past her. (It might have something to do with him rocking her to sleep and always holding her. ) And Jared swears she's saying Da Da on purpose. :)

She is eating people food and loving it. Her favorite is apple sauce.
She loves her big brother and loves to play with him. She is working on her waving skills.
She is starting to not want to go to other people and having the stranger danger issue.

She is a happy happy baby and I love her little giggle. She makes me smile even in the foulest of moods. (Me in a bad mood, what. Never)

We love our miss ruby


Michelle said...

Happy 7 months miss ruby. I love those shorts.

Haws Family said...

Anna I'm so glad Karen told me about your blog! I've read many of your old post... your family is a hoot! Sounds like all is well. I think it is awesome that you are starting a preschool this fall!!! Here is our blog if you want to check it out

Haws Family said...

ps: this is alyssa