Monday, June 8, 2009

After R.S. I went to pick Lincoln up from his class. R.S. was on families, parenthood and all the blessings it brings. I was thinking all the great things I thought I was doing as a parent and feeling so blessed to have my son. His teacher opens the door and looks very frazzled.
"Oh, Hi" She says to me. Then Lincoln runs to me hugs me and gives me his winning smile.
"Hi mom, I missed you!"
I smile, and ask my usual, "Was he ok?"
teacher: "Well, we had a rough week. "
She proceeds to tell me how she was trying to play the hide and seek kind of game where you send kids out in the hall, hide stuff then bring them in. Well she sent my son and two other boys out in the hall while the girls hid stuff. When they opened the doors the BOYS WERE GONE! After a large search (that I don't know how many were involved) they found them in the parking lot checking out "Dawson's" car. The poor teacher was very frazzled.
I told her thank you for telling me, and left with my very naughty son. On the drive home we even found out when we were trying to get the details. "Ya, Dawson didn't think we should go out, but I told him it was ok."
We put him in time out as soon as we got home as we thought about his punishment.
Anyway, He's apologized to his teacher and promises to be better. Only time will tell.

I feel so sorry for his teacher, almost as sorry for his mother.


Michelle said...

I had a runner when I taught sunbeams. :) At least he isn't boring, Honestly Anna what would you do with a "boring" Lincoln?
Good luck with him

red said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hey it could be worse. They could be bringing you kids with purple bruises and saying "your son bit AGAIN." I love Lincoln stories. We miss you guys a lot. come play.

Maria said...

Oh, Anna. We all have days like this! Next time it will be someone else's kid, and you can laugh on the inside. :)

Chandie said...

I have these moments A LOT!! It's so much funnier when it's not your own child. :) I always tell myself, it's a good thing they're cute. Same goes for you. With looks like your son has - you just can't be too mad - at least not for long :)

grandma blair said...

This made me really laugh hard. He is one of a kind, just like his mom

Juannael said...

I am sorry, but that is awesome! What an amazing kid he is. We miss you guys.

graydonblair said...

I can just hear him say it too..."But I told him it would be ok...."

I just think it's cool that they were outside checking out a car. Yep! That's a boy for ya!