Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life from my camera phone

Well, I thought I'd just do a little post let you see what we've been up to.

Lincoln is really into balancing things right now.

Miss Ruby is everywhere. I forgot how busy a baby is. The good news is I think I'll lose weight because I can never sit and hold still. (she's sleeping right now. :) )
I'm so in love with her little personality. She loves attention and loves to be silly. She loves her baths and prefers them without her brother.
Lincoln was/is a very still sleeper. Every morning we just fold the blankets back and his bed is made again. He just doesn't move much. Its been fun to see how much she is all over the crib.

She loved being in this basket. It made her laugh so hard
Andrew requested a mohawk for the birthday party (cousins) so Lincoln had to copy. I was driving while I took this. Talented I know. :)

Those who know Lincoln well know he loves to build. One day I'm going to do a little book of all the things he builds but here is just a few. I usually take pictures of his projects to try and get sympathy from Jared. :)
jet plane
Bomber plane (crayon is the bomb)
Wearing his flight uniform. The hat doubles as a helmet. I have no idea why he's in his underwear.

Lincolns toy shope. 1 hot wheel = $45 3 hot wheels = $20

This one was one of my favorites. Its a plane of some kind. But I liked his idea for the wings. And just a random one of him playing in the rain. :)

I love my kids. My son keeps me smiling.


Michelle said...

hmmmm.... didn't realize ruby would be busy? Are familiar with a little boy named Lincoln, are you?
love the undies in the plane pic.

grandma blair said...

I love your kids too. They make me laugh!!:)

Cindy said...

Fun stuff! I am with you on the "building" stuff. Today they made lots of block towers and did magic tricks and I also had a "car" in my family room all day made of chairs and cardboard boxes and baby gates. I love how their imaginations are always going, but I don't love the messes.

Le said...

So much fun. Just wait, Ruby will only get faster. Lincoln cracks me up and Andrew loves to play with him.

Juannael said...

I love all his creations. He is an amazing builder, but I think my favorite picture is the mohawk one with his Zoolander face.

Amy said...

Finally looked at your blog. Wow! It's been awhile. Cute kids. Lincoln is very creative and Ruby is growing quickly. :)

red said...

Tighty whities make the BEST pilot suits. Man that kid has one crazy wild imagination. DO you just sometimes have jared clean up after him :)