Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miss Ruby is 8 Months

Its such a broken record to say slow down ruby slow down. This little girl will not slow down. In fact she wants to keep up with her brother. She is crawling everywhere, the baby gates are up and I have had to take all breakables off the tables. :( She is cruising along furniture and has even been caught free standing (but may be pushed over when that takes place)

She is silly. This part is so fun. She loves to laugh and trys to make you laugh. When we get her laughing she has a really deep belly laugh that I have yet to catch on tape. For her eight month I tried to take pictures of her all day so you could see the happiness I am dealing with. :)

Morning run with daddy

Waking up from morning nap
Dressed for the parade
Ruby's view of the parade, she played so well, I think it had to do with having friends.waking up from her afternoon nap.

Ready for the fireworks. Ruby was really confused on why she was up so late

Didn't make it through. Fell asleep and stayed asleep til 5am next morning.


Michelle said...

She is so cute in her 4th of July clothes!! I love the pack and play pics.
And miss ruby are you trying to beat megan and hold the Record for the youngest walking Blair? Because Delilah was just getting crawling down at 8 months. Slow down miss Ruby Slow Down!!

red said...

Kisses for Ruby. She did so well at the fireworks. And she looked super hot in her duds at the parade. No doubt about it your kids are freakin' cute!

Cindy said...

What a cutie! She is looking more and more like Lincoln :)