Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cookie = Problem solved

(three posts in one night)
Do you ever wonder why we use food to comfort our problems. I believe it is our parents fault. the other day Ruby was crying at my feet to be picked up. I was making lunch and couldn't pick her up. After a while I finally just gave her a cookie and put her in the high chair. It solved both our problems. :) But the guilt of giving her a cookie to solve her problems creeps in, but then I eat a cookie and I feel better too. :)


Michelle said...

mmmmm Oreo.

grandma blair said...

wonderful comfort foods!!
She is a doll.

Cindy said...

So true. Chocolate can cure almost any ailment.

Mom B said...

My new favorite treat is from Culvers. We went there (twice) when I went to see Rand and Suz. Their concretes are only $2.49 and so yummy. Food is comforting... Ruby looks cute with a face full of cookies!