Saturday, July 11, 2009


We took the kids up to Moosehorn Lake for some backwoods fun. This was Ruby's first trip into the forest, her bonnet was a perfect selection to keep the bright sunshine off her pretty face. She enjoyed her pack-n-play from home too which kept her off the soggy ground wet from melting snow drifts still.

We had a little time to ourselves before Grandma and Grandpa arrived so we took a hike around the lake. Ruby promptly fell asleep in the sling and enjoyed her afternoon nap later in the comfort of the play pen again. David and girls arrived and quickly verified there were "monster fish" in the lake.

One of the favorite forts to play in was Grandma and Grandpa's trailer, you had to know the secret password to get in and the girls were in charge. All in all it was a fun filled day in the Uintas, thanks for the memories. One other fact on the drive home at dusk we counted 32 deer including a 4 point and 2 moose, mama and calf.


Michelle said...

Cute hoodie ruby ann

grandma blair said...

So glad you came up to share time with us. It was so much fun. Dad & I didn't see any wildlife on the way home. Glad none of them stepped in front of your car.

Cindy said...

We left at dusk the next night and we also saw about the same number of deer. And some elk. It was cool.

Mom B said...

I remember having fun at Moosehorn Lake. I especially remember the joy I felt when we were on our way home :) :)