Monday, July 6, 2009

Forth of July

We went to the Kaysville Parade, I really enjoy people watching and usually have no idea what going on with the parade. Then we came home, took naps (well everyone but me) and headed back to my moms.
We ate dinner and Lincoln was so excited grandpa cooked brauts, that kid loves sausage.
I loved these pictures of my brother with his girls

Lincoln has been getting to see a lot of Michael Jackson lately (another post another day) and has been working on his groove. I didn't notice the crotch grabbing until I watched this video tonight, I'll have to talk to him about that. :) I like his moonwalk though.


Michelle said...

Love the moon walk, love the kids, love the fireworks, miss everyone :(

Chandie said...

Anna it was SoOoOoO good to see you at the parade! I think the last time I saw you was the parade last year when you were pregnant with your cute Ruby that I got to see! She's adorable! I'm so glad we got to chat!

red said...

I have a video of him dancing at the parade too. Also he walked up to Emily and pretending to hold a microphone said "We've got breaking news here. We're at the parade and what do you think about it Emily?" Emily just looked at him like he was weird. But I talked into his microphone :) I love Lincoln! Go you dancin' machine....I seem to remember Rand being especially good at moonwalking.

grandma blair said...

So glad you had fun on the 4th, it was fun to be at the parade with all of you, and the fireworks too. It was a great day. Love the moon walk.