Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Michael Jackson Post....

My sister Michelle has been telling me for months that I need to tell Lincoln's Michael Jackson story, so bare with me as I tell........
The day after Michael passed I was showing Lincoln videos and telling him what an awesome dancer he was and all that stuff. But at the same time I was doing laundry and talking on the phone. (Amazing mother I know). He was clicking next on You Tube and I saw him click on thriller and thought nothing of it, remembering the bad costumes and the crazy dancing.
But a couple of minutes into it (Lincoln was on my lap) he starts screaming, in cat like reflexes I see the werewolf picture of Michael as claws and teeth come out. I close the laptop and get off the phone. Lincoln is screaming like I've never seen. He's shaking and yelling, "Why Mom, Why would you let me see that. Why Why Why Why?!!!" I comfort him, tell him it was just a movie. An hour later he won't leave my side. He's still shaking and still saying "Why Mom Why?!"
Besides boosting my mothering skills to an all time high I am trying to figure out how to get him to get past this. We try just ignoring all things Michael Jackson. He has major nightmares for
weeks(I know I know, horrible mother). That weekend we went to a family party, everyone is talking about Michael Jackson (MJ) dying. Every time MJ is mentioned Lincoln goes to the fetal position and cries.

So I explain to everyone, please don't talk about MJ around Lincoln, he's very nervous. But
that is a hard request when you can instantly terrify someone with just a simple word. So The next couple days we try talking again how it was just a movie and he's not really a werewolf coming to eat you. But to even mention anything throws him in a panic.
My older brother (who has 4 kids) gives me some good advice. I need to let Lincoln know that the people making the movie were just tricking us. So I get some quiet time with Lincoln, sit him down in front of the computer, (which he hasn't looked at since the incident) and talk to him about those crazy Hollywood movie makers that just want to trick us. I didn't think this would work, but it started to. We started at just looking at a normal picture of Superman. (a hero)
I show him how we can make him look different by messing with paint and photoshope. He laughs and thinks its funny. Next We pulled out this picture. He trembled but pressed on.I had him paint on him, he was so timid, but finally did it, and laughed. I was hopeful. We did several of these. And he started really enjoying it. And it became fun.

A few days later we were able to watch videos of him dancing. Billie Jean, Beat it and Bad.
Enter the obsession stage: :)

Now Lincoln is non stop MJ. He knows his moves, knows his lines and can tell you what song it is within the first few notes. He's in love. Its really cute and really weird.

When we go out Lincoln will tell people all about MJ and they look at me like I have a major problem. But they don't know what we've been through. The other day I had him go on You tube and we were looking at videos again, and the thriller one just came up on the side and Lincoln said, "that's the scary one, but I don't have to watch it. Because they were just tricking us. huh?" So now I think we need to get to the next phase where we are not non stop MJ but he's not afraid of it anymore. :) And for your viewing pleasure, may I introduce Lincoln Hall and his Michael Jackson moves:

I love how he swings his head, and jolts his shoulders. You may, if you look close enough, see where he gets his moves. :) Its always better to ask for forgiveness then permission. :)


Michelle said...

When I saw Jared dance I was laughing so hard I cried.

Lincoln your moves are smokin! And I love Michael Jackson and so do Most the people in my city.

Keep grovvin Lincoln.

Crystal said...

Love the dance moves, he is great. Tell him Cole's favorite video is thriller because he thinks scary things are funny. Gotta love kids!!!!

Juannael said...

Wow! First I loved the story. Second, those moves can't be beat, and you can totally see where he gets it from ;)

grandma blair said...

I think we needed to see his mom's awesome moves too. He is amazing and way cute!!!Glad he is not afraid of MJ any more.

Dave said...

You're welcome. :) from your "older" brother.

red said...

WOOO HOOO JARED!!! I really like the microphone too. And Lincoln....Michael Jackson was pretty scary looking even without the wolf thing. I'm glad you're over it now though. OWWWW!!!