Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 Months

Baby Girl is 10 Months
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I always hate that they switch from a single digit to a double digit when they hit 10 months. Sometimes I just lie and say she's nine months, I just don't want her to sound so old.
But the last month has been Big for Ruby. She has two teeth that are big and up and a third that cut through just today (thank goodness), but two more real close. She not only is taking steps she is walking! (she sits everytime I pull out a camera, I'm going to try and get video this week) Clear across the room and getting into even more things. She loves to help me cook aka tear apart all my drawers in the kitchen, she loves to pull clean clothes out of baskets, and she really loves to eat. Whatever we are having is what she wants! Her favorite time is bathtime, if Lincoln is in the bath without her she gets really upset. (But Lincoln doesn't love to bathe with her, after a wienie pulling incident :) )
Ruby loves to play peek a boo. She has three words she says even at the right times. Uh-oh, DaDa and Mommmm. Its really cute. We're trying to teach her Lincoln right now, Lincoln's kinda sad she's not saying it yet. :)
Her sign language is doing pretty good, she's got more down and is working on eat.


grandma blair said...

I love all the pictures, she is getting so big. Can't believe she has so many teeth, and that she is walking at 10 months. Slow UP Miss Ruby!!! I don't blame Lincoln for not wanting to take a bath with her, OUCH!!!

red said...

We also had a winkie incident. I was laughing so hard that I almost missed it when he tried to hit her afterward. She just walked right up and pinched it. Poor little boys :) Cute cute cute!! She's SOOO big! I'm sure it will be fun to watch them bonk into each other!!