Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Year One Year One Year

The polar bear made it through all twelve months.

I know I am a week late but I've been busy, and she's still adorable. :)

Ruby is so fun and exciting. She loves to jabber, play and empty drawers. She loves to run from you when you tell her to stop and her absolute favorite is to sneak away up the stairs and going through the bedrooms before you even notice she's gone.
She weighed 23 pounds(70 percentile) at her appointment and was still in the 85 percentile for her height.
Ruby loves to laugh and loves to be silly. Anytime she notices she does something that makes you laugh she will do it over and over trying to get you to laugh again.
We love our baby girl and the crazy little toddler she is becoming.
We had lots of partying fun with the blairs and the halls. Thank you everyone for loving Ruby and supporting us!


Michelle said...

Miss Ruby you are adorable and I LOVE You!! Happy Birthday.

grandma blair said...

Love the video, it is fun to see her grow up right before your eyes

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl