Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lincoln's Secret Lab

Lincoln has a new obsession. His secret room, aka the top of the pantry. The other day I couldn't see Lincoln but I could hear him. This is where I found him.I didn't know what was inside his secret room until I put the camera up to take a picture. He then gave me a tour and explained all his important things.
And Miss Ruby is busy as well. Check out her beat up forehead. She falls so much. :) I'm just saving her life everyday. It's my new job, keep the baby alive.

She's so stinking adorable, she gets away with murder.
and people, stop worrying about me I'm fine. I'll try not to be so depressing from now on. :) But I did get some babysitting out of the depressing post, Thanks Maria!!!


Michelle said...

LOVE IT!! Didn't you know you needed a wolverine and transformer costume with your emergency essentials. Gosh I thought everyone knew that. And can I get one of those special machines that gives you everything?

Ruby is adorable you must keep her alive a little longer, I'll be there in February.

Maria said...

We had so much fun with Ruby today! I'm glad it helped out! :) We should play more often!!

Love Lincoln's Secret Lab, by the way. What a little nut! So cute.

red said...

I miss your posts that was HILARIOUS!!!!! I love Lincoln he's so stinkin' cute. Just after I got off the phone with you and you told me about Ruby's owie Violet fell down and got one too. This seems like a little too much for for me :)