Sunday, January 3, 2010


L:"Mom, you need to get me some kick a#@"
A: "WHAT did you just say."
L: "ya know, because I have toots, I need some kick a#@"
A: (so confused) "what are you talking about?"
L: goes and gets some gas X and brings it to me,
" I need the kids kind of this because I have the toots"
so he thought he was saying "kids gas x" when he was saying "kick a#@" makes me smile

"Mom, do we have four people in our family?"
"Good, then we can be a barbershop Quartet!
What is that anyway?"

Early in the morning, Lincoln wasn't feeling well, as he stumbling into my room he said, "Mom, I think my immune system is working very hard. I think I have a cold virus."

During a thunder storm: "Thats just the angels bowling right mom."
"Who's team do you think is winning. Heavenly Father's or Jesus's.?"
"I didn't know."
"Who's team do you want to be on Mom?"
(thats a tough choice, I told him they both would win)

Lincoln gets car sick quite frequently. today he said, "Man mom, I can't walk anymore, this is making me walk sick!"

Wow Mom, that was sooooo hot! I think it burned my brain!


Eve said...

"Burned my brain"? Hilarious. What a cute boy.

grandma blair said...

He is really funny you know, I am glad you are writing all of this down. I have forgotten all of the fun things you said as a child