Monday, March 15, 2010

Ruby is Awesome

Awesome just doesn't do it justice. This child is a climbing machine, and is so proud of herself when she is up. And screams bloody murder when you take her down. Here is us just dealing with her antics on a sunday.

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Michelle said...

Ruby you remind me of your brother.

Cindy said...

Go Ruby! Just please don't fall off the kitchen bar :(
It's kind of funny to see you all going thru the crazy climbing stage that we went thru a year ago with Mayzie. I hope they all survive :) Very cute.

Jared said...

It was cute when it was just her highchair, and then she'd jump into your it's every chair and she's not waiting for you to catch her! Silly baby girl.

Juannael said...

she is too cute! good luck with her brave adventures.