Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I forgot about this stage

It's so fun......so fun...........
Non-stop food on the floor. It makes me miss my dog. :)
Punk baby girl. This particular night she threw her dinner before I had even sat down to eat mine. She even has an over the head method, she likes to see how far she can throw it. Like I said, punk baby girl!

This video is of baby girl telling me it's okay she chucked her dinner. :) it's long, so only if you have some time. If you watch, you can see the spunk in her eyes. :)
Three posts in one night. :)


Eve said...

I want to squeeze her. Really bad.

Michelle said...

She is getting so LONG. She doesn't look like a baby anymore, when did that happen?

red said...

Violet says "Hi be be" (ruby)

Juannael said...

She is just too cute to ever be in trouble. I agree with Michelle, even though I have only ever seen her in pictures she doesn't look like a baby anymore.