Thursday, June 17, 2010

Archiving Quotes

Squeezing past me,
L: Mom your butt is too fat for me to fit
A: Lincoln that isn't nice to say
L: (while patting my butt) but mom I like your fat bum

L:Mom, you smell nice. sniff...really nice
A: Thank you Lincoln
L: Ya, you smell better than you did yesterday.
A: thank you lincoln

A: Lincoln, how does my hair look?
L: hmmmm, I think it looks good...but it would be better if this side was red and that side was blue.

I was talking chores with Lincoln, he needed to decide on two chores to do something.
L: I know I know, (puts a finger to his lips) QUIETNESS! (whispers) quietness will be my chore. I'll be quiet for the morning.
I couldn't argue, I thought it was a great chore.

Had lunch at Zuppa's
L: I just can't stop eating, this food is soooooo good. Mom, this food is so good it fills me with Joy!

some unknown person burped;
L: Woah, that was so loud you ripped your pants!
(he doesn't quite know what expression goes with what bodily noise)

L:"Why do some people stay up past eight o'clock, (we're driving in the car explaining that he is past bedtime) I see all these people watching TV! "
A:"those are the adults, all the kids are in bed"
L: "I'm pretty sure I saw some kid shows"


Blaisdell's said...

I love reading what kids say. so cute and fun to hear.

Christy C. said...

Seriously! You must be laughing all day! He says the cutest, funniest things.