Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lincoln's Aunt Melanie Rocks!!!

Melanie called the other day and asked if she could take Lincoln to the zoo for the day. After I pondered for oh maybe a half of a sec. I said YES! He was so excited. I sent him with a camera and told him to take lots of pictures. It was so fun to find all his pictures. :)
Melanie being the cool Aunt she is let him do what ever he wanted, and choose where to go. She is one patient woman!
Thanks Melanie!
And check out how shy Lincoln is when he was picked to be a volunteer! It's funny to see him speechless. :)
Oh and if you thought Melanie was the only cool one, check out Uncle Matt!!! He stopped by just to give Lincoln a ride around the block (or two) !
Daddy might have enjoyed the surprise a little too! :)
Lucky little guy! Thanks guys you are awesome!


Michelle said...

I use to be the favorite :( I don't know how I can compete with that.

grandma blair said...

what a fun day at the zoo, I don't know who looks better in that car, Lincoln or Jared.